Josh Lane

Certified PGA Professional Advanced Golf Coach

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With a passion for learning and coaching, Josh Lane has been helping golfers improve their games for over 20 years. Josh combines his experience as a player with his knowledge of skill development and technique to customise an approach to improvement which is both achievable and easy to understand. 

Here's How I Can Help

Playing Assesments

Learn strategies that you can use to improve your scores in your very next game. get an improvement plan highlighting the areas of your game that give you the best opportunity for lower scores. 

JLG Improvement Plan

If you’re sick of being confused, frustrated and lost. If you’re open to try something new and you’re committed to improving your gold, then we need to chat to see if you’re the right fit for this program. 





Private Coaching

If you know the areas of your game that are holing you back, why not book a Private Coaching Session. 30-and 60- minute sessions are available where we can meet and work on a specific area of your game. 

Private Coaching

If you’re part of a group and are either just starting or would like to improve together, then Group Coaching is a great option. These sessions run for 60 minutes and groups can be as small as 2 players or as large as 6 players. 


Private Lessons: These are 1-on-1 sessions. GC Quad launch monitor analysis is only available for 60 minutes sessions.

Group Lessons: Up to 4 players can learn together for group sessions. Contact Josh to organise these sessions.

Improvement Program: a customised, coach-led program run over 10 weeks. Sessions consist of:

  • On-course assessments
  • Program strategy sessions
  • Technique development practice
  • Skill development and testing

This program takes you on a journey, utilising essential coaching tools to achieve success.

*Only apply if you are serious and committed to your improvement. Contact Josh to apply for this program.


30 minutes or 60 minutes


60 minutes



60 – 150 minutes


$60.00 or $100.00 


2 players $60.00 ea|3 players $50 ea| 4 players $40ea





From Player…

It was a life-long goal of mine to play golf on tour and i was lucky enough to do it, full-time, for many years. However, in 2011, with a back that was breaking down and kids on the way, I decided to retire from competitive golf. My days spent playing gold for a living had taught me many lessons and i felt a responsibility to pass those lessons on to the other players. 

…to Coach

When i first began my coaching journey, I believed that to be my best version of a golf coach, I needed more golf swing knowledge and better communication skills, so I got better. I became an Advanced PGA Golf Coach and gave many lesson to many players, constantly working on improving my skills. But I started to notice something. 


Golf’s a game that’s supposed to be fun, right? I get it, golf’s tough, but if you’re not having a good time you’ll probably quit and we can’t have that. I see frustration coming from players that are putting in the time but not getting better. What does getting better mean to you? To me, as someone with a playing background, getting better at golf is about shooting lower scores. 

My Coaching Philosophy! 

My job, as a golf coach is to help my players shoot lower scores so they can enjoy golf more. There are many parts of the game that contribute to a player’s score. I get onto the golf course with my players to learn the way they play and identify the areas that offer the greatest opportunity for score reduction. From there, an individualised Improvement Program in created. With a better understanding of strategy, practise and mindset, I can guarantee lower scores! 


Josh started playing golf at Mona Vale Golf Club on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1992. A natural athlete, Josh picked up many sports quickly and when success came in golf, he was hooked.


In 2000, Josh began his PGA Traineeship at Monash Country Club. He used this time to improve his game and graduated in 3 years later with 10 victories and 15 runner-up finishes. Dreaming of playing on tour, he stayed on at Monash as the Assistant Professional and saved his money while refining his game.

In 2004, Josh left Monash to begin his playing career becoming the Touring Professional at Mona Vale Golf Club. He played full-time for 7 years on the Australasian Tour, Asian Tour and OneAsia Tours. During this time, Josh had 19 wins including the 2005 & 2008 Samoa Open, the 2009 New Caledonia PGA Championship and the 2010 Tahiti Open. He was awarded the 2004 NSW Pro-Am Rookie of the Year, won the 2006 and 2007 NSW Pro-Am Order of Merits and was awarded the 2009 NSW PGA Player of the Year. In 2009 Josh lead the PGA of Australia National Rankings and became Australia’s number 1 Pro-Am player.

In 2011, with a back that was breaking down and kids on the way Josh decided to retire from competitive golf. He accepted a position at Mona Vale Golf Club as the Assistant and Teaching Professional. Helping players improve their golf became Josh’s new focus and he soon had a thriving coaching business including a very successful junior development program.

In 2014, with a thirst for knowledge and after continuous professional development, Josh became a Certified PGA Professional with Advanced status in Coaching.
In 2021, Josh, his wife and 3 kids made the big decision to move to the Sunshine Coast.

In 2022, Josh joined the coaching staff at Twin Waters Golf Academy and is excited to bring his skills to help golfers of all ages and abilities. If you are serious about improving your golf game, then please book your lesson today..