Perfect your game, in the perfect setting.

Everything You Need

Twin Waters Golf Academy is a collection of experience ,youth and modern technology.

Anthony has assembled a close knit group of people that are committed to helping you get the most out of your time and effort.

Young or old, beginner or experienced , a technical fix or a fitness program, our aim is to create a community where golfers can receive quality information and enjoy improving on their own or with like minded people around them.

Lessons and coaching

Improve your game with private coaching ,group classes ,or oncourse instruction with experienced and professional golf coaches

Golf Fitness

Beginner to elite . Everybody is catered for. Nick Randall - Strength and conditioning. Keith Battle - TPI Screening and Pilates.


Dr Andrew Timbs - Upper Cervical Chiropractor




Golf Specific Gym, Personal Training & TPI

Wellbeing and Injury Support

Have a question? Reach out any time


Aquatic Driving Range & Short Game Facilities